Custom made

Custom make your own jewellery
Gripoix Paris is pleased to offer a truly bespoke and custom service to all customers.
Custom Gripoix creates a truly bespoke and one-off piece of jewellery created by the renowned hands of Gripoix Paris’s Atelier, who keeps the tradition of pate de verre alive.
Choose from over 120 colours of glass and four gilding finishes. Add finishing touches such as: chains, stamps, textiles and pearls or crystals. The Design Team at Gripoix can help with every step of the process. Anything from simply changing a glass colour from an historic archive piece, to truly creating a bespoke piece from sketch. Collaborate with our team to discuss an entire design, and then follow the steps to the completed piece.
Grixpois Paris is renowned for their costume jewellery seen on the catwalk of well-known Fashion Maisons. In addition to creating statement jewellery for women, Gripoix can also create:
- Shoe Accessories
- Hand Bag / Clutch Accessories
- Perfume bottles / adornment
- Home Decoration
- Hair Accessories / Tiaras

Please contact our Custom Gripoix Team at our Paris Atelier for more information.

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