Byzantine Signet Earrings

€335.00 EUR

Byzantine Signet Earrings

Materials: poured glass, gold (24k) plated brass, Pearls
Motif : 3,5 x 3,5 cm
Weight of one earring : 10 g
Colours : ruby, emerald, topaz and  sapphire
Handmade in our Parisian workshop

"A story which brings back all the splendor of the famous Byzantine ornaments through a collection that combines elegance and creative strength. The iconic glass cabochons tinted with red, blue and green colors imitate the precious stones with great delicacy. With these majestic pieces Gripoix Paris honours the creativity of the Byzantine civilization."

Gripoix jewels are handmade in our parisian workshop.

Please allow us 3 weeks for the fabrication of your order. Thank you!